About The NotePad

This website is largely the byproduct of the censorship that is so common on the internet today. Whether it be on social media, discussion forums, article submission websites, etc. There is not much more frustrating than putting in a substantial amount of research and effort into presenting information about a subject only to find out it has been arbitrarily deleted by those who seek to censor relevant information from becoming seen by many.

My intent is to compile information that I find relevant on various topics on this site, perhaps with my commentary, perhaps not. The website is not about me, or my opinions, but the search for truth in a world that is more full of lies with each passing day.

Because I am a Christian, the site will consist primarily of Biblical subject matter early on, to provide a solid foundation, and may grow to include examination worldly events as time goes on.

It is important to note that I am not a Biblical scholar, a Theologian, or a subject matter expert of any kind, nor do I claim to be. I am a layman, and I am learning. It is likely that most issues posted about here will only provide Biblical references and some may include the findings of those who are proclaimed as experts, scholars, etc. on the subject, perhaps with no definite conclusions being arrived at by myself. Just a presentation of relevant information pertaining to the matter being discussed.

It is also not my intent to generate traffic or to garner mass dissemination of the information posted. More likely, the site will serve as a collection point of related bits of information on any given topic that will be added to over time as new information presents itself and the story line or agenda advances.

If, by some off chance, you have found your way here, thanks for stopping by, and I hope the information that you found here has helped you in your search for truth as well.

God bless!